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Listed below are some of the services we currently provide to our partners. Since these services are developed and supported by our team, we have the advantage of customizing each application to suit our partner’s needs on a White Label basis with full support

Wholesale Services:


Providing Premium and Standard A2Z routes tailored according to each carrier’s top destinations, quality, and rate needed. We work with many major carriers, and large to small Telecom providers.


Quick Delivery for millions of minutes to our affiliates around the world insuring On-Time Weekly payment plus web interface access for instant billing and CDR’s.


State of the art collocation in Canada, and or the Netherland. Services include the followings:
1 ) Rack space with redundant Power and Internet connectivity.
2 ) VOICE Platforms that can handle small, medium, and large operations.
3 ) SS7 C7 Cisco PGW remote services, allowing fast, reliable, and inexpensive TDM connectivity.
4 ) Proprietary Billing Solution includes web interface for live billing, CDR’s generation, least cost routing, multiple
access levels, and much more.

Mobile Application:

White label applications for Smart Mobile or PC, supporting most platforms such as IOS, Android, Symbian, Blackberry, and Microsoft. Our solution includes integration with billing systems for GSM carriers or any VoIP carrier

VAS Aggregator / Enabler:

Acting on behalf of the mobile operator, ICU CALL will be a VAS & Content Aggregator, whereby we will partner with various international technology suppliers and local multimedia content providers to offer a complete VAS solution.